Acceptable Usage Policy


CochraneTel Internet Services are provided to support research, education, and commercial applications. Use of the service is deemed to be acceptable insofar as it promotes and does not impede the use of those applications.

Facilities provided to a client by CochraneTel are for the exclusive use of the client and may not be resold.

The client is cautioned that the nature of the client’s traffic must adhere to the policies of all networks over which the traffic flows.

In general, users of CochraneTel Internet Services:

  • will not seek to gain unauthorized access to resources of the Internet;
  • will not disrupt the intended use of the Internet;
  • will not waste resources (computer, line capacity, people);
  • will not destroy the integrity of computer based information; and
  • will not compromise the privacy of users


  1. It is NOT acceptable to use CochraneTel services for purposes which are illegal.
  2. It is NOT acceptable to use CochraneTel services to transmit unsolicited commercial informations (i.e. junk mail, advertising) or material which is offensive to its recipient.
  3. Information and resources accessible via CochraneTel services are considered the property of the individuals and organizations, which own the right to those resources.

Access to these resources without permission of the owner is not acceptable.

In cooperation with CochraneTel, Ontera will hold client’s mail on the server for a period of six (6) months. After this time period, this mail will be purged. CochraneTel and Ontera will not be responsible for deleted mail. CochraneTel through Ontera, reserves the right to reduce mail and large attachments, if client abuses mail storage space. The mail and attachments removed by Ontera will not be recovered. To avoid exceeding storage space, client should save mail on their hard drive.